Adaptive sweatshirt - tie-dye
Adaptive sweatshirt - tie-dye
Adaptive sweatshirt - tie-dye
Adaptive sweatshirt - tie-dye

Adaptive sweatshirt - tie-dye

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Discover our cheerful tie-dye sweatshirt: Whether your child has a broken arm or needs to be hospitalized for a while, the adaptive sweatshirt is specially designed for children who need medical care. With the well thought-out opening options, the sleeves can be completely unbuttoned on both sides. This makes it easy to put on and take off, even if you have limited freedom of movement.

Particularly useful for:

  • Children with head orthoses
  • children with contractions
  • Children with a broken arm, with a prosthesis or orthosis on the arm
  • for hospital stays when IVs and access are needed

Highlights/product details:

  • Innovative opening options: The sleeves can be completely unbuttoned, which is particularly practical for access to the arm and to a central venous catheter
  • therefore also very useful for children with head orthoses and contractions
  • Made from 100% soft and stretchy organic cotton
  • fairly manufactured in Europe
  • safe, stable and durable
  • metal-free and therefore radiation-proof
  • Colour/pattern: colorful batik pattern for that extra portion of good mood

Please note: The fabric is tie-dyed using a special dyeing technique and results in different patterns. Each piece is unique. The product shown is just an example.