"Batik für Alle"

“Batik for everyone”

Jana Walther is co-founder of Wombly adaptive kidswear. She grew up in the fashion and clothing industry and lived in Asia for over 20 years. Today she tells you about her everyday life as a pattern maker at Wombly.

Jana Walther is one of the three founders of Wombly adaptive kidswear. She has been working in the clothing industry for more than 30 years, including managing the cutting department of a large clothing manufacturer in Bangkok for a long time. She started with training as a clothing maker and over the years she acquired in-depth knowledge in the area of ​​pattern construction. In 2021 she worked together with Lena Förster and Lina Phyllis Falkner Wombly adaptive kidswear founded. 


Jana, what are you doing at Wombly adaptive kidswear?

I'm responsible for the cuts at Wombly. The styles designed by Lina are implemented by me. Depending on what kind of garment it should be, the team decides on the look and dimensions and then I put them on paper. This ultimately becomes a piece of clothing.

What are your challenges at Wombly?

Children's clothing, especially those for children with disabilities, must fit perfectly and that is the challenge for the whole team. When it comes to fitting, you can say to adults: “Stand still! Turn around!" - Not children. And we are still looking for good ways to optimize the fitting.

How would you describe yourself and your work?

I am very precise and meticulous - I have to be, because a good piece of clothing can only be created through correct cutting. Many other people must be able to understand my cuts independently of me. It won't do to say, after me the flood!

How did you become a pattern maker?

I first worked in a large sewing factory where we all had to wear smocks. As a young person, it was unthinkable for me to walk around in a smock. Right next door was the editing department. I admired the people who worked there and who were allowed to work without coats. I really wanted to go there too. The company then gave me the opportunity to learn the profession of pattern maker – in-house, so to speak.

What do you focus on at Wombly adaptive kidswear special value? What is important to you?

I don't want to produce mass-produced goods. I want to make clothes that people are happy about. And it should not only be functional, but also look pretty. And above all, don't be run-of-the-mill clothing!

What is your favorite item of clothing in our current collection and why?

This is my favorite part adaptive Sweatshirt in Batik. I love tie-dye and I just like the color combination of the piece. The shirt can also be completely unbuttoned. I like that. I wish everyone would just wear tie-dye clothes!

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