"Batik für Alle"

"Batik für Alle"

Jana Walther ist Mitgründerin von Wombly adaptive kidswear. Sie ist in der Mode- und Bekleidungsbranche groß geworden und hat über 20 Jahre in Asien gelebt. Heute erzählt sie Euch von ihrem Alltag ...
Du hast ein Baby bekommen? So bestimmst Du die richtige Kleidergröße.

did you have a baby This is how you determine the right dress size.

The first few weeks with a newborn are an exciting time. A lot has to be learned and practiced, a lot can be unsettling. If your baby doesn't conform to the so-called "norm", it can sometimes be di...
Adaptive Kleidung – Für mehr Selbstbestimmtheit und Inklusion

Adaptive clothing - For more self-determination and inclusion

Adaptive clothing, also known as adapted clothing or special clothing, refers to garments designed for people with physical limitations or disabilities.
Hebamme Luise Kaschel im Interview mit Wombly ueber adaptive Kleidung Neugeborene

"Nature does not conform to norms."

Luise Kaschel is a midwife in the country. The mother of three has already accompanied more than 1000 families. WOMBLY talks to her about the sensitive time after the birth.
Ableismus: Junger Mann benutzt einen Rollstuhl und arbeitet an einer Werkbank

What is ableism and what forms are there?

People with disabilities are often given a stamp because of their abilities. what itself behind the term "ableism" , you read in our em Wombly blog . _